The Choir Units to Unity – A sculpture
The sculpture consists of vertical stones that represent the bodies of members of the group which in this case are reminiscent of a choir. The bodies are toppped with different colored glass and semiprecious stones that give individuality and uniqueness to each member of the group. The group is led by a master who wears a garment of white crystal that faces the audience, but his front side is made of the same material as the members of his group. The group is organized in a semi circle and size is graded from small in front to large in the back. This is done to provide a sense of oneness to the whole that is made of unique individuals. The units to unity concept could just as well have been the organelles of th cell, the notes of a music piece, the letters of the word or the brush strokes a painting coming together in exquisite harmony.
code units to unity choir cell power of the group importance of individual
Ashley Davidoff
Davidoff sculpture-0033